Benefits of the JETSKYTECH Water Treatment system to the Oil and Gas industry :

Benefit 1

Reduction in environmental footprint by reusing water

Benefit 2

Simple and easy to operate with minimal manpower and maintenance

Benefit 3

Scalable treatment to meet pressures to increase capacity and easily adjusted as requirements change Water Use in the Oil and Gas Industry The oil and gas industry is faced with several challenges including rising utilities prices, fluctuating oil prices, pressure to forever expand capacity and improve on environmental strategy. Water is a key component throughout the production process from onshore and offshore facilities to oil refineries and the management of wastewater is one of the main environmental challenges faced by oil and gas organisations.

Produced water is a by-product of oil and gas extraction and the composition is highly dependent on the type of rock the water has been in contact with as well as the chemicals used during the extraction process. The required treatment of produced water varies dependent on its intended purpose: Reuse for industrial process water or irrigation Surface disposal to the sea, subject to local environmental regulations and charges Injection into a disposal well However, due to increasing environmental awareness and regulations, disposal to surface waters is becoming less commonplace and reuse is becoming more widely adopted in order to protect the environment and save money.

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