Pharmaceutical Waste Water Treatement

Benefits of the Jetyskytech water treatment system to the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector:

Benefit 1

Targeted treatment of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and pharmaceutical residues

Benefit 2

Very high up-time due to continual regeneration of treatment media during process

Benefit 3

Reduces need for incineration due to complete oxidation, saving substantial operational cost

Studies show that Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and pharmaceutical residues, even at trace levels in treated wastewater, are having detrimental effects on aquatic species and potentially human health. This is because traditional wastewater treatment processes are not designed to tackle such varied and persistent compounds which results in the contaminants eventually entering the environment and even sources used for drinking purposes.

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Removing pharmaceuticals from wastewater

Pharmaceutical products are released into wastewater streams from manufacturing sites and drug development bases across the world. The production and use of a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical products results in the discharge of wastewater with a complex composition. Due to this, pharmaceutical wastewater is often hard to treat with conventional processes to comply with strict regulations. This results in high volumes of wastewater being transported for incineration. As water is used as an ingredient in many formulations and for cleaning purposes in the pharmaceutical sector, this usually results in high water use.

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