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Industrial Waste

we have managed waste for our clients. Priding ourselves as an integrated waste management provider, we handle waste, including land and marine logistic service. From collection to disposal of waste, including hazardous ones, trust that our service is compliant with environmental, health and safety regulations. Read more

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Seawater Reverse Osmosis System

In recent years, desalination is one of the methods that water-scarce countries have looked to, to diversify its supply of potable water. Desalination, which involves the removal of salt, utilises sea water as a supply source to produce potable water for human consumption and for use in industries. Filtration and chemical processes.

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Jet sky is an environmental engineering company that designs, build, install and commission water and waste water treatment systems. We take time to thoroughly understand the customers’ needs and aim to help clients solve water and waste water challenges at affordable cost, using our innovative and efficient water treatment methods. We design service and operational programmes for you, at the same time train your staff, to ensure your systems are operating at the optimal level.

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We offer a wide range of high-quality products, complete standard domestic, a wide variety of components and industrial installations as well as made to measure equipment.
Our main goal is to provide sustainable and affordable solutions for wastewater treatment and reuse of wastewater in Africa and Middle East.

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