Water treatment and reuse

The treatment and reuse of water has now become a top priority worldwide. In many countries, water scarcity is so great and natural sources so depleted or polluted that it is no longer possible to do it without water treatment systems. For environmental reasons alone, water recycling is now absolutely essential for new construction as well as retrofit and even municipal projects worldwide.

Our water sources include rainwater or surface water, well water, effluent water from small wastewater treatment plants or greywater. Depending on the degree of contamination and treatment technology, different water qualities can be achieved. It can be used to irrigate plants and be fed into the household as process or drinking water. We specialize in decentralized and semi-decentralized systems for all climatic conditions. For over 25 years and in well over 30,000 systems, our customers are now recycling water worldwide, saving several million m³ of water annually. We develop, produce and supply a huge range of products from simple rainwater harvesting for the garden to complex treatment systems for greywater or potable water supply. The systems are used at: • Domestic houses • Apartment houses • Hotels • Office buildings • Production plants • Public buildings • Schools • Quarters With our systems, it is usually possible to save over 50%, and in some cases even up to 100%, of the original water consumption and thus the water costs. Due to the strongly rising prices and low interest rates, many systems are now even so profitable that an investment pays for itself within a few years.

Fields of application


Jetsky's large scale commercial applications collect the grey water in a large temporary tank, filter and disinfect it and then pump it back for flush toilets or to supply a drop system of irrigation for the landscape.


Jetsky's domestic applications purifies the water in the most systematic way so that it can be used extensively for domestic purposes.

Greywater recycling

In greywater recycling, daily, low-polluted water from showers, hand-washing sinks and the washing machine is treated and reused.

Combined rainwater &greywater harvesting

Use water several times and save twice with combined rain and greywater harvesting.

Process water from small sewage treatment plants

The discharge water from a small sewage treatment plant can be treated into process water and used for toilet flushing or garden irrigation. table water production The quality of rainwater is often so good that it can be made drinkable with just a few treatment steps.

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